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About The Owner

   Hello, everyone. First let me thank you for taking interest in my website and services.

   A little about me

   I was born in Canada on the East Coast. I was always interested in computers, video games and electronics, and as a kid I remember tearing apart my Mothers movie projector in my Dads garage. I spent many hours playing video games on my first real computer that was a Tandy 1000 from Radio Shack, not to mention countless hours playing Sega and Nintendo.

   Things have changed a lot since those days and technology is still rapidly progressing. I am still a video gamer today. I am still fixing and repairing people's computers, and constantly upgrading my own.

    I have two Electronics diplomas from a recognized College here in Ontario. I left home shortly after graduating from High School, and have remained in Ontario since that time, securing several roles within several large security companies since 2006. I am a trained expert across many CCTV and Card Access platforms including Keyscan, CCure, Kantech, Avigilon, ExacQ, and Genetec, just to name a few.

    The last few years have been a challenge with government mandates, and being forced to work from home. After being wrongfully dismissed in December 2021 from my last job for failing to disclose my personal health information, I have decided to start my own business.

   I look forward to meeting new clients and providing my services to you. You will find that my technical expertise is very high, and you will be completely satisfied.


   Thank You !


H3lix Technologies

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