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Have you heard of the Helium Network ?

Helium, LoRaWan and IOT

  Back in 2021, we became involved in a new project known as the Helium Network.

  We are currently looking to expand the network in Ontario and Nova Scotia mainly to start.

  We are also open to entertaining other areas we well. Please reach out and contact us.

  Follow the link below to learn more information from Helium's main site.

  This network runs on a series of small self installed antennas throughout the world.

  Please check the link below if you would like to see how vast this network is.

  Don't forget to check the area around you to see how many might be close to your location.

  When we initially got involved in this project it was mainly due to the financial rewards involved in maintaining this network. Today, the network is still going strong and there are active community members on their discord page.

We have expanded our knowledge of the network and are officially pleased to announce that we are now offering sensor coverage on the network as well. Yes you will need a hotspot, if there are no hotspots already near you to pickup these sensors.

We have tested the Dragino LHT65N Temperature and Humidity Sensor, the Dragino LWL02 Water Leak Sensor, and the Dragino LDS02 Door/Window Sensor. (See Photos Below)

We have the ability to monitor these sensors in real time, using the Helium LoRaWan network that has been built out around the world by users such as yourself.

Please see below for an example of our monitoring dashboard in real time.

If any of this seems interesting to you please reach out. We would love to have you onboard in helping to expand this network, while you can monitor your property in real time.

Dashboard Example.JPG

Bobcat Helium Hotspot


This is a photo of the Bobcat Helium hotspot. This is the minimum equipment that you need to get onto the network. This unit can work on either Wifi or Ethernet. In our experience Ethernet direct to your modem is the way to go. It will produce better results as the network is more reliable and the latency is lower. Back in 2021 these were nearly impossible to get and Bobcat were one of the first manufactures to market. Their default 4dB antenna is one of the best !

Dragino LHT65N Temp and Humidity Sensor


This is a very capable wireless sensor that runs on the LoRaWan Helium network. It sends out data and updates every 20 minutes giving you real time live data by using your Helium Hotspot. This device also has an external probe that can be used to monitor fridges, freezers or even just ambient temperature in rooms throughout your home. Our unit came with a lithium battery that is said to last up to 10 years.

Dragino LWL02 Water Leak Detector


Water damage can happen quickly to you home or property. These sensors run on the LoRaWan Helium network and respond almost instantly once water is detected. Being notified instantly by email could end up saving you thousands of dollars in damages. The unit takes 2 AAA batteries. Lithium is recommended.

Dragino LDS02 Door / Window Sensor


Used to monitor doors and windows for your home or business. This can provide extra coverage to an already existing alarm system, or operate independently and notify you of unwanted intruders.  This is a wireless sensor that also runs on the LoRaWan Helium Network. Requires 2 AAA batteries. Lithium recommended.

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