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Crypto & Crypto Mining Services

Let's talk Crypto ! This is not financial advise.

Some of you may have heard of some crypto coins such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherium (ETH).

These are the two dominant coins as of March 2024 and are not necessarily easy to mine.

High power costs and expensive equipment is required to mine these coins, but there are alternatives.

Had you been involved in these projects years ago, you very well could be a millionaire today.

But hind sight is 20-20. All we can do is look to the future. We believe the future is crypto.

With inflation now running rampant in 2024, maybe it is time to consider other long term investments.

Did you know that many other coins are attainable through a process known as mining?

Mining allows new coins to be created on the blockchain, and can be stored into your own personal wallets, not dissimilar from a bank account, but it is different. These coins can be held indefinitely and converted back to fiat currency quickly at the time of your choosing.

From helping you setup your crypto wallets, to setting up and building crypto miners, we have you covered. For local crypto miners, we make house calls, as we understand that moving the rigs around is not really desirable.


Your privacy is upheld and your locations will never be released to anyone.

Rig drop off or pick up can also be arranged.


We are experts in Linux based mining software such as HiveOS.

Windows mining software is also available, but in our experience Linux based systems are more stable.

Please contact us for any crypto needs or questions you may have.

Small GPU Mining Rigs


Custom mining frames built to your needs, that can accommodate anywhere from 2 - 6 graphics cards.

Mid-Size GPU Mining Rigs


Another example of a custom built mining rig for 2-6 graphics cards. Again, custom frame.

Graphics Card Fan Repairs


We do basic repairs on graphics cards. Mainly fan replacements. If you have some failed fans we can get them fixed as long as replacement fans are available. Dell graphics cards seem to have a fairly high failure rate. We have already repaired several Dell 3060 Ti cards.

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