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Security Professionals since 2006

Security Services

   Are you looking for some technical assistance dealing with today's high end security systems? Whether it be CCTV or Card Access systems, we have you covered. We are trained and certified on several systems such as Indigo Vision, Avigilon, ExacQ, ISL, Keyscan, Kantech, Genetec, Ccure and more.

Do you need an extra hand pulling cables to your new security devices ?

Do you need help on the sales side of the business, with design, estimating and pricing ?

Do you need someone to do a site survey to identify the existing equipment that is on site ?

Please reach out and contact us, if you are interested in any of our security services.

Ccure iStar Panel by Software House


Trained on both legacy CCure 800 and the newer CCure 9000. Familiar with iStar panels, programming and termination.

Kantech KT-400


Trained on Kantech, and capable of terminating, programming and testing of Kantech based card access systems.

Intercon ISL


This was the first access system I ever learned. There are many of these still running out in the field. Upgrading from ISL to a more modern system ? We can help !

Genetec / Mercury


Trained and certified with Genetec since 2011, we are familiar with Omnicast and more recently Mercury controllers and an integrated solution using Security Desk. Programming, testing, commissioning and toubleshooting are some of the solutions we offer.



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